Bridal Gown Pricing

Most bridal gowns come in polyester/satin, silk or velvet. The material used to make a gown dictates a portion of the dress cost.Silk is the most expensive option. On average, white silk costs about $18 to $30 per yard. Satin ranges between $6 and $12 per yard. Velvet is a little pricier with the average cost ranging from $13 to $35 per yard. 
Wedding dresses usually have multiple layers. With a polyester organza, the average cost of materials is a $5 per yard. Chiffon is less than $4 per yard. Netting is about $6 per yard. 
And looking for exclusive pattern we need  Lace to improve the detail and lace is very expensive and often costs upwards of $20 to $80 per yard. 

With a standard dress size, it usually have more than 3 layers and the layers of fabric alone cost more than 6 meters 


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Wedding Gowns | Clothing  Noblebridalgown wedding gowns are customised items so we are sorry to inform that it cannot be exchanged or returned.

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